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How to Take a Screenshot (Print Screen) in Windows

The following explains recommended methods for customer who are submitting data for the first time, who have never taken a screenshot or who do not know how to compress data.

How to Take a Screenshot (Print Screen) in Windows

1. Open the layout data you made

Open the print-ready data that you will be submitting in the application that you used to make the data.

2. Adjust magnification to full screen to show all data

Adjust the magnification to full screen to show all of the data as large as you can without it being hidden by the toolbox.

3. Press the button shown on the right to take a screenshot

Thee "Print Screen" button is located at the top right of the keyboard as shown in the photo. (Its exact location differs depending on the model and type of keyboard.) Press this button. The screen shot will be saved (printed) in Windows memory. (At this stage, no sound is heard and the file has yet to be created.)

4. Start>Programs>Start up Paint on Accessories

Start up the Paint application by Start>Programs>Accessories. (It is also OK to use Adobe Photoshop or other image editing software.)

5. Select Paste from Edit menu or right-click to paste the screen from memory

Select Paste from the Edit menu in the application or from the sub-menu that is displayed by right-clicking. The screen is pasted on the application from memory. Save it in bmp or jpg format and give it a name such as "Screenshot: front".

Verification of Submitted Data

Screenshots are referred to at GRAPHIC when we verify your submitted data. When verifying data, we do not check letters and details at all. Screenshots are used for just checking whether or not there are any missing letters or images. So take as large a screenshot as you can.

When you have finished preparations by taking the screenshot, proceed to the next step of compressing your data. Carefully check your data once more by following the checkpoints described on the next page. If the data you submit is incomplete, this might delay turnaround. When you have finished checking your data and taking a screenshot, proceed to the final step of compressing your data.
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