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How to Take a Screenshot (Screen Capture) on a Mac

The following explains recommended methods for customers who are submitting data for the first time, who have never taken a screenshot or who do not know how to compress data.

How to take a screenshot (capture) on Macintosh

1. Open the layout data that you made

Open the print-ready data that you will be submitting in the application that you used to make the data.

2. Adjust magnification to full screen to show all data

Adjust magnification on full screen and show it all as large as you can without making it to hide by toolbox.

3. Press the buttons shown on the right to take a screenshot

Press shortcut keys Command+Shift+3 shown on the right. You will hear the sound of a camera shutter opening and closing to take a photo. If you press shortcut keys Command+Shift+4, the cursor will change to a cross. Take a screenshot by dragging and enclosing the area that you would like to include in the screenshot.

4. A file titled Screen shot will be made on the startup disk

An icon file such as that shown on the right will be made.
●On Mac OS9.x, the file is saved at the first level of the file hierarchy in the startup disk (A pict file with the file name “Screen1” is made.)
●On Mac OS10.4 or before, the file is saved on the desktop. (A PDF file with the file name “Screen1” is made.)
●On Mac OS10.4 or later, the file is saved on the desktop. (A file with the file name “Picture1.png” is made.)
If your data contains two layout files, a front and a back, change the file names to “Screenshot: front” and “Screenshot: back” for each respective side of the data.

Verification of Submitted Data

Screenshots are referred to at GRAPHIC when we verify your submitted data. When verifying data, we do not check letters and details at all. Screenshots are used for just checking whether or not there are any missing letters or images. So take as large a screenshot as you can.

When you have finished preparations by taking the screenshot, proceed to the next step of compressing your data. Carefully check your data once more by following the checkpoints described on the next page. If the data you submit is incomplete, this might delay turnaround. When you have finished checking your data and taking a screenshot, proceed to the final step of compressing your data.
How to Compress Data on a Mac

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