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Difference between CMYK and RGB

Ink is belonged to CMYK color based, so please working with CMYK color mode.

What is the difference between RGB color and CMYK color?

On the one hand, vibrant 3channels consist of R (Red) G (Green) B (Blue Violet), brightness will be more and more then become WHITE at the end by mixing colors and colors.
It is called additive colors.
On the other hand, cool 3channels consist of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, brightness will be less and less then become BLACK at the end by mixing colors and colors.
It is called Subtractive colors.
Color is expressed by 4colors, previous color plus black that is to tighten the black part in process color print.

It is impossible to express all colors that exist in nature. We can only use color in the limited range (Color space).
RGB color space is larger than CMYK color space. Create data using the high brightness in RGB color between the ranges, it is converted to CMYK color, RGB color is converted to the nearest color in CMYK color space. It tends to be dull in general.

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