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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Basics

Image File & Image Size

To make a design, first an art board is required. While art boards have their own size, business cards and other printed matter, too, also have their own specific size after they are cut. For example, business cards are 55 mm x 91 mm, postcards are 100 mm x 148 mm, and A4 flyers are 210 mm x 297 mm in size. These specific sizes are called "finished size." This finished size is the size that you will get as your delivered printed product. When you create your designs, be sure to remember one more important size - printing plate size. This is the size obtained by adding 3 mm to each of the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the finished size. This extra 3 mm extending outside of the finished size is called "bleed."

Create a New Image (ex: A4 flyer)

To make an A4 flyer, set up as follows:
*Add 3 mm to each of the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the finished size (for bleed).

*Screenshot on the right from Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Image size: 400 dpi / Colors: CMYK

Image Size / Application (unit: dpi = pixels / inch)
72 to 96 dpi Image size for Web use *For screen or monitor
Around 200 dpi No problem for printing posters since they are normally viewed from a distance
350 to 400 dpi Image size for printing

Check the Proper Image Size

Leave the check box of [Resample image] blank then change it to the image size 400dpiOpen up the menu [Image] > [Image size] to confirm the document size and image size as numerical figures.

Leave the [Resample image] checkbox in the [Image size] page blank, type the actual size to be used in the size field, and confirm the image size with respect to the size used. (Refer to the figure on the right.)

A beautifully printed size is roughly 2.75 cm, the screenshot on the right.
Think of that ideal image size as the graphic size or actual size used.
Even though the graphic size is around 60 cm at around 72 dpi, its actual size used is around 7.5 cm. So, there will be no problem with image size.

(Digital cameras recently have a high number of pixels, but almost all graphic sizes are large at 72 dpi.)

Recommended Format for Saving Images

Our recommended saving format for images
◎Photoshop EPS format
(EPS option) Preview: Macintosh 8-bit (TIFF 8-bit for Windows)
Encoding: JPEG (best quality/low-pressure compression)
□Halftone screen: Off
□Transfer function: Off
□Postscript color management: Off
*This file format cannot be selected unless flatten image is applied. Delete the Alpha channel as well.

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