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280lpi of High-definition printing

High-definition printing has come true by the cutting-edge system.

Our workflow by the cutting-edge systems, such as "Thermal CTP," "Image control system," and "Heidelberg Printing Press Machine," made the high-definition printing, 'GRAPHIC VISION' come true. It is never typical 'cheap and nasty.' Picture is worth a thousand words. Compare the right two images. The one is printed as usual. The other is printed with 'GRAPHIC VISION.' The difference of their expressiveness is quite obvious. Even after all that it is magnified, the halftone dots of 'GRAPHIC VISION' are unnoticeable.

※Click the image, and the magnified image appears.

Amazing expressiveness that does not come out from usual printing.

The biggest reason why we can offer you this new technology at the leading low price and quick delivery is our consistent management of the whole process from order receipt to shipment by our in-company network system. We manage the numerical value about printing quality by a management device called 'Image control' so that we fulfill our highly stable standard printing according to Japan color 2007.

  • *The left picture image: present common printing quality
  • *The right picture image: GRAPHIC VISION quality

GRAPHIC VISION, concentration of printing technology

■Printing is a gathering of halftone dots.
Looking at a printing through a loupe, you can see 4 colors of dots of ink in the case of 4 color printing. It can never be seen like a magnified digital graphics. The dots are called halftone dots. They are placed lattice-shaped at regular intervals in AM screening. Shading of color is expressed by the size of the dots. For example, it will be like a checkered pattern in 50%.
■Difficulty of increasing saturation
175lpi (lines per inch) is commonly used screen ruling for commercial printing. We print however, in 210lpi except for the product used 280lpi as a standard. As you can see on our printing samples, the halftone dots in 175lpi are visible to the naked eye. Printing in high-image quality as photographs is possible by make the halftone dots finer. However, it is not that simple in technology. The important thing is not only the precision of printing press but also setting of the output of plates and the precision of plates themselves.
It had been possible to make the high-definition printing come true. But we had not been able to hold down the price so as to place on our price list considering the cost and the time. However, we had repeated printing investigation tenaciously and adopted the cutting-edge thermal CTP recorder and printing presses with rapidity since June in 2002. Then, we could finally begin to offer you the new service in the close price range as the usual printings. We named this high-quality printing, which we could not make come true without the know-how and technology we acquired after a process of trial and error, 'GRAPHIC VISION.'

Categories available for GRAPHIC VISION

  • Posters
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  • Flyers
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