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Data Check

Submit Print-ready Data.

"Print-ready data" is the data which does not need any corrections for printing.

We have application guides to check if the data is ready to print.
Please make sure to check your data carefully before data submission.

If the data has any problems, the data must be corrected and re-submitted. If the submission of the final data is delayed, the order start date and processes up to final delivery will be delayed, too.

Besides the essential check points, the other data-making points are introduced in our technical guide. Please check them before you submit the data.

We check your data after we receive your data.

We check your data if it is ready to print or not according to the essential check points. We do not proofread for typos and check the contents of the design.

If we notice anything else, we will contact you. However, if we cannot get in touch with you and the problem does not affect the printing process, we will send the data to printing as your data is.

If your data is not made according to the essential check points…

If the data does not match the essential check points or has any problems that will affect printing, you will be required to correct the data and re-submit the new data.

If the corrected data is submitted the next day or later, the order start date and the scheduled shipping date will also be delayed. Please make sure that the data matches the essential check points and that the contents of the data are accurate.

We do not have any responsibilities for any troubles about defects of data.
Thank you for your understanding.

Submit the Data

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