Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Guide for Particular Products

Tips for Data Creation of Stickers

Supported Software

Only Adobe Illustrator is acceptable

  • * Outline all the fonts.
  • * Please do not use any images (bitmap data) for the cutting path.
  • * Other file formats are unacceptable.

How many cutting paths does your design have?

For our sticker printing, the available number of the cutting paths is only one for one order.
The cut path must be unicursal and adjoined.
The design like below has 2 cutting paths.
We cannot accept such type of stickers.

How to make the design

  • ・Make the cutting path on the different layer from the printing layout.
    Draw the cutting path and the picture at the same position.
  • ・When you make cut paths, please do not use "Stylize" in "Effect" or "Filter" menu. It is applied only to appearance not to actual paths.

 Steps of Data Creation

Open the file.
Create a "New Layer" on layer window.
Make the cutting path on the new layer.
Rename the layer as "Cutting path".
* Click "Layer" in "Window" menu to display the "Layer window".
* You can rename the layer from "Layer option".
Select the cutting path layer.
Then, make the cutting path.
Set the weight of the stroke 0.1 mm (0.283 pt).
Draw the cutting path by Black 100 % with a tool that can make a ruled line.
  • * In the image below, the cutting path is drawn by Cyan to make visible.
Save the file.

Notes for data creation

Cutting misalignment could occur within +/- 0.5 mm. Make bleed for the design colored to the edge. Important information such as letters or pictures must not be placed beyond the bleed or near trim marks.

Other notes

  • * You will receive some sheets.
  • *If you need a larger number of copies than the maximum on the website, additional turnaround will be required.
  • *Depending on the size and the shape, we cannot cut as your data.