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Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Essential checkpoints

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts&Layers
  • 3.Grayscale
  • 4. Instructions
  • 5.Save

Check5 Save

Is the data saved properly?

GRAPHIC recommends "Photoshop EPS format"for the saving format of your images.
Open the data and make sure before entry that the data is not damaged and the correct data is saved.

Recommended saving format on photoshop "eps"

EPS is common output stability format in DTP.

The layers should be unified to save as EPS format.

Set the color mode "CMYK Color mode" or "Grayscale mode." EPS format is unavailable for some other color mode. Select the "Channel" as "8bit/channel."

※"Photoshop elements" can't select "CMYK mode." If you want full-color print, make the data with "RGB mode."

    <Setting EPS format>
  1. 1. Select "Photoshop EPS"then click "Save."
  2. 2. Set the option as follows.
EPS settings ※Recommend※

Preview Macintosh (8bit/pixel)
Windows TIFF (8bit/pixel)
Encoding JPEG-(Maximum quality)
  Uncheck all the checkboxes
  • ※There are no problems for choosing "Binary" or "ASCU"for encoding. They save the image pixels without compressing but the data size becomes heavier.
  • ※JPEG- Image quality goes down by different setting than JPEG(Maximum quality)
  • ※Uncheck all the checkboxes. They may cause data trouble like changing the data color.

Essential checkpoints Please read all.

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts&Layers
  • 3.Grayscale
  • 4.Instructions
  • 5.Save

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