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Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Essential checkpoints

  • 1. Size
  • 2.Fonts&Layers
  • 3.Grayscale
  • 4. Instructions
  • 5.Save

Check4 instructions

Are there properly instructions in your data?(front and back side, finishing option etc.)

Create the guidelines or instructions of finishing and inform us on the column.

Create the guidelines or instructions of finishing and inform us on the column.

Regarding top, bottom, front and back, we layout the data following our regulation. If you have any specified direction, inform us with column in advance.

Folding:folding point, folding directions, direction, cover side etc.
Hole punching: diameter, position of the hole
Round cornering: radius, number of cornering edge (4corners are rounded without any instructions)
  • ※ There are some cases that we decline the instructions such as folding at different point from our reccomend position and processing to non-standard size. Please use our template or inquiry Customer support in advance.

The back and front side directions


If your design is portrait in one side and landscape in another side with the directions as shown,we layout and print them combining the same direction, top and top, bottom and bottom.


If the two landscape designs are arranged in tandem, it is printed in upside‐down.

The inside is printed in the wrong way (contrary to the outside) by this layout The problem can be solved by exchanging the back and front cover side design.


Create all of the directions of processing with guides.
Guide is a unprinted line which is usually blue that marks the layout area, indicates the position of the objects.
Leave the guides which you need for directions and eliminate the unnecessary ones.

<How to create guidelines>
  1. 1. Display the ruler. 【View】>【Rulers】>【Show Rulers】
  2. 2. Drag the ruler to the point of the process like folding, creasing.
    The horizonal guidelines are drawn by dragging from the top of the scale and the vertical lines are from the left of the scale.
  3. 3. The arrow changes that form by "Move tool" and it becomes easier to fine adjust the guidelines.

"The paper size you need + 3mm" is the standard size for plate making.
For example, for the "A4 size/Tri-fold" prints with the scale "97mm-100mm-100mm", guidelines are at the point of 100mm and 200mm.

Example of instructions

Prepare the directions file which contains about front, back sides, finishing process and so on.
We recommend to name the directions file clearly different from "screen shot"(ex. Finishing direction.jpg).

Essential checkpoints Please read all.

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts&Layers
  • 3. Grayscale
  • 4.Instructions
  • 5.Save

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