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Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Essential checkpoints

  • 1. Size
  • 2.Fonts&Layers
  • 3. Grayscale
  • 4. Instructions
  • 5.Save

Check3  Grayscale

Is monochrome side created with grayscale?

Please create monochrome side [K] with grayscale [K only in CMYK]

Create grayscale documents

Selecting Color mode when you make [New], please set [Grayscale 8bit] on monochrome side.

How to convert to grayscale

  1. 1. [Image] > [Mode] > [Grayscale]
  2. 2.You CAN convert to grayscale even without selecting [Don’t Merge].    However, please verify conversion result.

    When you submit data, Merge images then create 1 background layer [All layers that are created on working].
  3. 3. Select [OK] and carry on to the next even though alert [Discard color information?] is shown up.

How to verify grayscale mode working properly or not.

Please verify channel pallet. Number of channels after grayscale will be gray 1channel only.

 Essential checkpoints  Please read all.

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts&Layers
  • 3.Grayscale
  • 4.Instructions
  • 5.Save

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