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Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Essential checkpoints

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts & Layers
  • 3.Grayscale
  • 4.Instructions
  • 5.Save

Check1 Size

Did you lay out in the order size?

Lay out your artwork according to the order size.

We do not scale your artwork. Lay out in the same size as the order size.

The size must be the cutting size.

How to set up the size on Photoshop

Set the width and the height 6 mm larger than the cutting size.
Each 3 mm margin extended is cut off as bleed.

Photoshop does not have the fuction to create trim marks.
Make guides on the cutting line.In case of non-standard size, please indicate the finished size in 'Note to GRAPHIC.'

How to set up the new file

[Example] Finished size: A4 portrait(210 x 297 mm)

[1] File > New... Set up as following:
Width216 mm (210 mm + 6 mm bleed)
Height303 mm (297 mm + 6 mm bleed)
Resolution 350〜400 pixel/inch
The suitable resolution for printing is 350-400 dpi.
Color Mode CMYK Color 8 bit (for full color print)
Grayscale 8 bit (for black-and-white print)

  • *Photoshop Elements does not have CMYK Color mode.
    Select RGB color.
    Regarding RGB Color
Background Contents Your choice

[2] Make guides on the line 3mm from the edge.

In case of A4, locate vertical guides 3mm and 213 mm from the left, and horizontal guides 3 mm and 300 mm from the top.

[3] Lay out your artwork with reference to the guides.

Guide lines are the cutting lines. Be careful of the layout near the guides.

Verify the size.
Open [Image] menu, enter thewidth and the height of finished size in [Canvas size], and clip on the center basis to see the image of the design.
  • *After verification, [undo] from [Edit] menu or get back into the status before clipping on [History] palette. If you continue the operation without [Undo], bleed disappears.

How to use a template

When you open a template of Illustrator on Photoshop, an window [Rasterize EPS Format] appears.
Do not change [Image Size]. Set [Resolution] the suitable resolution for printing (350-400 dpi), [Mode] CMYK Color (for full color print) or Grayscale (for black-and-white print). Then, lay out in the trim marks.

Essential checkpoints
Please read all.

  • 1. Size
  • 2. Fonts&Layers
  • 3.Grayscale
  • 4 Instructions
  • 5.Save

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