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Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Tips for data preparation

Bleed Acceptable & Unacceptable (Photoshop)

Set the width and the height 6mm larger than the cutting size.
Make the lines 3 mm from the end of the data Guides as the cutting line. The 3 mm margin is for bleed, which is cut off.
Postcard(100 mm x 148 mm) should be laid out in 106 mm x154 mm.

Bleed - Acceptable

Bleed is made outside of the cutting line(Guide line).


Bleed - Unacceptable(1)

The end of the colored area is just on the cutting line. There is no bleed.

Even with a slight cutting misalignment, the white area appears.

Bleed - Unacceptable(2)

Even though there is a bleed, letters are very close to the cutting line(Guide line).

As a result, with a slight cutting misalignment, the letters are cut off.
Place the important letters or objects more than 2 or 3mm inside of the cutting line.

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