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Tips for data preparation

Black of print CMYK all 100% and Rich Black (Mixed black)

CMYK all 100%

This situation has some risks because inks that overflow the capacity of print, are printed on paper and it is not good at drying, especially when paper is piled up, un-dried inks are stuck on the another [Set-off].
Furthermore, If CMYK all 100% is broad, each paper sticks each other. When paper is come off, inks are also come off at after process [Blocking].

All these troubles are caused by setting max density at all color, CMYK, so it cannot go to the next step when we found such data. Please DO NOT set like above.

If you want to use black with mixed CMYK, please use Rich Black.

Rich Black

Rich black is seasoned CMY inks to Black ink [K], it produces deeper black than just black ink 100%. C 60 M 40 Y 40 K 100 is our recommended density, “Rich Black.”

Black is expressed diversely with color combination with inks. However total amount of CMYK is too much, some troubles are happened as same as CMYK all 100% [Set-off]. When you use mixed black, the indication of the sum of all the percentages of CMYK is within 350% at Coated paper, within 300% at Matt-Coated paper or Uncoated paper.

[Important; Character]
When you create small characters or background of the characters with black such as Rich Black or CMYK mixed, the texts could be influenced by Out of Register and lose readability.

We recommend setting the black color in K100% for the small letters or the background of them. It helps avoiding from the influences of Out of Register. When you use big character, it might produce unexpected result.
Please note it in advance.

Black (R0 G0 B0) that is made RGB Color Mode will be converted to black with mixed CMYK.

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