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Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

We introduce some important tips for designing a print data. Read through whole pages and you will be perfect for data preparation!

First, please make sure essential check points below.

  • Important!Please read them through and check them all

Here are the essential checkpoints for making print ready data.

Essential checkpoints Check in advance!

Print data which does not meet the following points cannot advance to printing process. GRAPHIC will contact you for asking Re-entry or some instructions. Verify of all the check points before sending your data.

  1. 1. Size Did you lay out in the order size?
  2. 2. Fonts/Layers Did you flatten images?
  3. 3. Grayscale Is monochrome side created with Grayscale mode?
  4. 4. Instructions Are there appropriate instructions in your entry data? (front and back side, finishing option etc.)
  5. 5.Save Is the data saved properly?

Tips for data preparation
We guide here more useful tips to improve your data and prints quality.

Important information of offset printing

The unique phenomena which happen in offset printing and their provision.

Important notes of design a print data

Here are the sorted important points in using Adobe Photoshop.

Please make sure submit procedures when you finish making Print ready data,

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