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Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Tips for data preparation

Size - Make Guides

Guides are the lines used as the standard for layout, which will not be printed.

When you submit the data of Photoshop, please indicate the cutting line, folding line or the location of another finishing process with guides.

Indication of the cutting line
Indication of the location of finishing process
[ How to make Guides ]
1.Display the rulers. [View] > [Rulers]
2.Point the cursor to the ruler and drug and release it on the position where you want to make a guide.
You can make a horizontal guideline drugging from the scale on the top,
a vertical guideline drugging from the scale on the left.
3.You can fine-tune the position of a guide with [Move Tool]. (Take [Move Tool] onto the guideline, and the tool's shape changes.)

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