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Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Tips for data preparation

Save-Recommended saving format

In submitting the printing data in Photoshop, we recommend "EPS" format for saving "EPS" is commonly used format in DTP printing and also has high output stability.
*DO NOT FORGET to flatten all the layers before saving.

  • *Data which is in progress or for back-ups cannot retouch layer by layer unless they have to be saved PSD format.

When setting the color mode partly, EPS is not available. Convert to CMYK Color Mode or Grayscale Mode before saving.

Saving Options

Preview: For Macintosh [8bits/pixel], For Windows TIFF [8bits/pixel]

Setting the quality of preview images when you link them on Illustrator.
When selecting 1bit/pixel, it shows monochrome, in fact it is printed with full color.

Encoding: JPEG [Maximum quality]

Selecting compression method.
Recommend JEPG [Maximum quality] because it reduces its capacity without any deterioration.
Binary/ASC II can also save themselves without any deterioration. However, their capacity will be increased.
Other JPEG compressions get quality deteriorated.

Leave all check boxes blank

Checking the boxes causes troubles such as color changed and so on.
Leave the boxes blank.

Other saving formats

  • ・PSD format and TIFF format are also generally used in DTP. They can save layers. However, please merge images in submission data in advance.
  • ・DO NOT use Photoshop DCS format. It causes troubles and file extension is “eps” that makes impossible to recognize EPS or DCS format.
  • ・JPEG format is commonly used among digital cameras, it is deteriorated thorough saving again and again, so it is unsuitable format for print data.
  • ・GIF/PNG/BMP formats are generally used for monitors such as WEBs. They cannot save as CMYK color mode, so they are unsuitable for print.

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