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Application Guide Adobe Photoshop

Tips for data preparation

Color settings-Color mode for documents

Color is expressed by CMYK inks in printing, please create data [CMYK Color Mode]. When you order monochrome printing which is printed with K ink only, please create data [Grayscale Mode].

  • *When you use Photoshop Elements, [CMYK Color Mode] is unavailable. Select [RGB Color Mode] at full color print.
  • *16bits / Channel, 32bits / Channel are not available. Create with 8bits / Channel.

Color Mode conversion

[Image] > Select color mode at [Mode]
*Conversion result depends on color settings of application. Set it properly.

フルカラー印刷:イメージ→モード→CMYKカラー モノクロ印刷:イメージ→モード→グレースケール

  • *Color range of RGB which cannot express in CMYK is lost and part of functions such as Filters, will not be available when converting to CMYK.

Create with RGB color mode

It will be converted to CMYK based on our standard print profile.

Convert to CMYK depends on application or RIP settings.
It does not mean that to meet the result from monitors or printers that you use, or color samples.
Furthermore, system is renewed at any time, so that conversion result is not same all the time. (It means same data DOES NOT produce same color prints).

Vivid color expression that CMYK color mode cannot, is possible at RGB color mode. However, it will be dull in printing.

Black that is created RGB color mode

Black that is created by RGB color mode(R0 G0 B0), will be converted to black with mixed CMYK

Conversion result at this time is different from Color settings of application.

Our recommended setting standardized coated paper, [Japan Color 2001 Coated] will be C93, M88, Y89, K80.

Depending on the setting, density of black becomes weak and it loses printing quality, so please set the color properly.

[Important!; Characters]
When you create small characters or background of the characters with RGB black (R0 G0 B0), it becomes black with mixed CMYK, which is influenced of Out of Register and it loses readability.

Please make file with CMYK color mode in advance, then designate the color K100% In this case. However, K100% that is created with Photoshop is not applied Black Overprint.
It is printed in the Knockout, influences of Out of Register might be arisen due to expansion and contraction of paper.

Set a multiplication on a text layer of K100%, it gets same effect as Black Overprint.

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