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Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Application Guide Adobe Illustrator

Essential checkpoints

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Images
  • 4.Grayscale
  • 5.Instructions
  • 6.Save

Check4  Grayscale

Is monochrome side created with grayscale?

Please create monochrome side [K] with grayscale [K only in CMYK]

Please convert arranging images to grayscale mode with Photoshop

Create Black/Gray in CMYK, Black/Gray, Registration color in RGB mode, they all look like monochrome at first sight, in fact they are all 4color of mixed CMYK, so they are not grayscaled.

K only in CMYK
Rich black looks like black at first sight, in fact it is created 4colors of CMYK.
Black which is created with RGB mode is converted to CMYK. Black becomes 4colors of CMYK.
Registration color is CMYK all 100%.

How to convert to grayscale mode [Illustrator]

Data which is created 4colors can be converted to grayscale at once.
Some of them might not be converted to grayscale mode properly because of the influence of Pattern, Gradation or Appearance.

Embedded images only convertible.

  1. 1.Check places are unlocked.
    ・Unlock the layers Make them unlock on layer pallet.
    ・Lock the objects [Object] > [Unlock all]
    If you cannot select, there is nothing locked.
  2. 2.[Select] > [Select all]
  3. 3.[Filter] > [Color] > [Convert to Grayscale] (-CS2)
    [Edit] > [Edit Color] > [Convert to Grayscale] (CS3-)

Conversion result depends on Illustrator.Please carefully check the conversion result.
If you do not satisfied with conversion result, please adjust each color one by one, especially colors might be drastically changed at image conversion.
Recommend a grayscale conversion with Photoshop then arrange them.

If you do not have image editing software such as Photoshop that is able to convert to grayscale, please embed images on Illustrator then convert to grayscale as following the previous way.

Once you save with grayscale, never go back to the original color so that save as different name or to back up the files then convert to grayscale.

How to convert images to grayscale mode [Adobe Photoshop]

Please convert images on monochrome side [K] to grayscale mode with Photoshop.

  1. 1.Image > Mode > Grayscale
  2. 2.Following alert is shown up when you do not merge the layers.
    You CAN convert to grayscale even without selecting [Don’t Merge]. However, please verify conversion result.
  3. 3.Please select [OK] and carry on to the next even though alert [Discard color information?] is shown up.
  4. Please save image format which is applicable for grayscale mode [psd/eps/tiff/jpg].
    When changing image format or file name from original linked images, it is necessary to re-arrange the images on Illustrator.
    If you save image format which is not applicable for grayscale mode [bmp/gif], it becomes index color mode, conversion result becomes CMYK 4colors.

Verification of grayscale

[Before verifying Grayscale or not]
Please verify [File] > [Document Color Mode] is [CMYK Color].
Separation preview [CS4-]

You can check data whether grayscale made or not by Separation preview on Illustrator CS4 and CS5

  1. 1.[Window] > [Separation preview]
  2. 2.Check the box of Overprint preview, then hide black
  3. 3.OK→Nothing is shown
    NG→Shown up the part that is not made with black [K]
Export images

Export images from Illustrator and verify them with Photoshop

  1. 1.Arranged images are all embedded.
  2. 2.[File] > [Export]
  3. 3.Designate the name and storage, select [TIFF (tif)] as a format then [Save].

    [TIFF Options]
    Color ModeCMYK
    Resolution200dpi (Create a resolution higher, accuracy is also higher, but it takes long time to export.)
  4. 4.Open up the saved TIFF data with Photoshop, then hide "black" on channel pallet.
    If you can not see any object on the artboard, it means OK.

Essential checkpoints Please read all.

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Images
  • 4.Grayscale
  • 5.Instructions
  • 6.Save

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