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Application Guide Adobe Illustrator

Essential checkpoints

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Images
  • 4.Grayscale
  • 5.Instructions
  • 6.Save

Check3  Arranged Images

Are essential data such as linked images or documents are prepared?

Linked images require submitting linked original image files.

When linked images are not completed (=Dead link), they cannot be shown and printed.

Verify linked images

You can verify arranging situation of images using Link pallet on Illustrator [Window] > [Links]. Please verify that all linked image file is completed in the data which is going to submit.

When images are arranged properly, nothing is shown up on the linked pallet. Please submit image files with same name as images on the pallet.

Whensign is shown up, image files are arranged embedding in Illustrator files.
It is not necessary to submit the embedded images.

The following case, link situation has problem

Whensign is shown up, linked images are not completed and cannot read them. Please re-arrange the images or move them to same stratum of Illustrator files. When you verify the images are linked properly, please attach the image files.

Whenリンク元ファイルが変更sign is shown up, linked original image files are changed.
When you retouch them with Photoshop, please update the links.

Option menu on link pallet

Use this when you rearrange the images.
Edit original
It can open selected linked images with Photoshop
Update link
Update link after retouching linked images, the retouches are applied to linked images.
Embed image
Embed linked images as an after process
Show all
All the placed images on the Illustrator document are shown by selecting it.
Verify each image's setting here.

Linked / Embedded

The settings of placing images can be set as "Linked" or "Embedded."
By checking "Link" check box, the image is linked.
If you want to embed it, uncheck the "Link" checkbox.

What is Link?

Image files are not captured into Illustrator files, layout preview is shown. The displays will be rough depends on image file format. File size is small and load on the work is less make efficient and smooth work. However, both [Illustrator files] + [image files] are always necessary as a set.
  • *When you retouch linked images, they are not required to re-arrange the images.
    When the links are updated, the retouches also applied.
  • *We DO NOT recommend using [Effect] or [Filter] on Illustrator against linked images.
    These effects are applied not print images, applied previews. The effects are not printed out properly, when preview information is vanished while data is moving.
  • *Inkjet printer for home use, when you print out with None-PostScript printer, previews in linked images are only printed out.
What is Embed?
The "Embed" setting take the images within the Illustrator document. The data size would be heavier but it prevent the data from the data check problem, dead links. (Also you do not need to attatch the original images in your entry file.)
When you edit the original images after embedding the image, however, these retouches do not be reflected to the embedded one. In this case, re-set and place the placing setting of the image again.
*Depending on your application color setting and document color mode, there is a case that the document color changes.

Essential checkpoints Please read all.

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Images
  • 4.Grayscale
  • 5.Instructions
  • 6.Save

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