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Application Guide Adobe Illustrator

Essential checkpoints

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Images
  • 4.Grayscale
  • 5.Instructions
  • 6.Save

Check2 Fonts

Did you outline fonts?

Outline all the fonts you use on Illustrator.

What is outline?

When you open up the data with fonts on the different computer the data was made on, various problem may happen, for example, fonts not outlined might not be displayed properly, the position might shift, or get garbled. There are so many kinds of fonts that it is not easy to have the same environment. Outlining fonts makes the fonts graphic and make it possible to output without character corruption even when opening the data on the other environment.

How to outline fonts

  1. 1.Make sure to unlock the fonts you want to outline.
    ・Unlock the layer. Unlock on the [layer] palette.
    ・Locked object [Object] > [Unlock all]
    If it cannot be chosen, there is no locked object.
    • *Locked fonts cannot be outlined.
      Unlock all including layers before creating outlines.
  2. 2.Select the text object(s) to be outlined.
    • *We recommend you create outlines selecting all.
      [Select] > [All]
  3. 3.[Type] menu > [Create Outlines]
Once you create outlines, you cannot edit the text(s).
Save the data with outlined fonts as a different file, or back up the file before creating outlines.

Check the outlined fonts

You can check if there are any fonts not outlined.

[Type] menu > [Find Font]

Make sure that [Fonts in Document] is vacant.

There are any fonts not outlined on the data if any names of fonts are displayed. Click [Find] selecting font's name, and you can move to the position the font is used. If there are necessary fonts left, create outlines.

If any font information is left even though it was supposed to be outlined, it seems the following reasons:

[Stray points]

If you click somewhere with text tool and change to another tool without enter any text, certain font information is left as a stray point.

[Hidden fonts]

Delete unnecessary letters and layers.

[Letters unable to be outlined]

Envelope Distort

Refer to the URL below regarding the detail and solution of each.

Depending on the version of Illustrator, fonts might be left even though any fonts are not displayed in [Find Font]. Please be aware of it when you use these functions.

Essential checkpoints Please read all.

  • 1.Size
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Images
  • 4.Grayscale
  • 5.Instructions
  • 6.Save

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