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Application Guide Adobe Illustrator

Tips for data preparation

Cutting Misalignment - Trim marks and bleed

Trim marks need to be created on Illustrator to show the trimming line and the size.

How to create Trim marks

  1. 1.Verify the size on the Size List
  2. 2.Make a box of the finished size with [Rectangle tool].
  3. 3.Set the color of 'Fill' and 'Stroke' of the box 'None.'
  4. 4.Do the following operations with the box selected:

    [Effect] > [Crop Marks] → [Object] > [ Expand Appearance]

    [Filter] > [Create] > [Crop Marks]

    ※On CS5, crop marks can be created from [Object] menu > [Create Crop Marks].

Bleed and Trim Marks in Illustrator

The width between the trimming line (inside of cropmarks) and the line connecting the outside marks is 3 mm, the standard of bleed. Extend the colored area as close to 3 mm as possible.

It will be useful to make Guides of trimming line, bleed line and the area to place letters.

Bleed - Acceptable

Bleed - Unacceptable

*The white area might appear due to cutting misalignment.

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