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Tips for data preparation

Black of print K100% and [Black Overprint]

K100% is commonly used characters or lines.

Inks are put on K→C→M→Y in order at print process.
When ink or water is stuck on paper, the paper will be expanded and contracted. Out of Register (= Each inks is not put on same position.) is arisen as a result.

Small character is influenced of Out of Register, therefore slight gap is still outstanding [Art1].
A part that is created in K100% is automatically processed [Black Overprint] in general [Art2].Black Overprint is printed overlapping the color on the back and the front.

Small character that is created in K100% should be applied Black Overprint.
It prevents from influence of Out of Register and the text is printed more beautiful.

Art1 Knockout

Art2 Black Overprint

  • *Vector data such as character or object is only applied Black Overprint process. A part of K100% such as images are not applied to black overprint process.
  • *Black Overprint is automatically processed depending on our RIP rule.
  • *A part of K100% that is influenced by Transparency or Effect, is not processed Black Overprint thus difference of density might be arisen a part of character, object or in the middle of sentence.
  • *Setting of Overprint on data will cause a trouble, please DO NOT use it.

Failure of Black Overprint

Purpose of Black Overprint is to prevent Out of Register.
However wide range object or setting color K100% on Illustration, difference of density causes of Black Overprint might looks see-through and outstanding in unintentional.

Failure1 [Illustration]

When hair is created in K100%, person’s head or back ground might be seen-through.

Failure2 [Character with white outlines]

Color settingss [Fill] of character with white outlines background might be seen-through when putting K100% character on character with white outlines. It is solved by Color settingss [Fill] WHITE of character with white outlines.

Failure3 [K100% on images]

Back ground of the image is seen-through when putting K100% such as box on images.

Avoid from Black Overprint

Create black not in exclusively K100% but seasoning just 1% of another ink.
It avoids Black Overprint and prevent the failure above.

Example1; Avoiding Black Overprint [Seasoning C1%]

Avoid Black Overprint. However the color is the almost same as K100%.

Example2; Avoiding Black Overprint [Rich Black]

Avoid Black Overprint, with expressing deep black.

  • *Black overprint is a vital process to prevent influences of Out of Register.
    If you set that avoid Black Overprint by small character, the gap might be outstanding or it loses readability due to the influence.

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