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Application Guide Adobe Illustrator

Tips for data preparation

Save-Saving Options ”Include Linked files”

The problem that location of image is moved has been found when you re-open data that is saved checking “Include Linked files” as AI / EPS format at Illustrator CS2-CS4.

Recommend to leave the box blank at Illustrator submission

When you submit layout data as an Illustrator data, we recommend to leave the box blank. Please verify that data is not crashed or be properly saved as final layout after saving.

The problems have been found in following cases.
  • Arrange JPG/PSD/TIF as a link file.
  • Copy and Paste to the different Illustrator files such as templates and so on.
    (Location of data is changed at this time)
  • Check “Include Linked files” then save as AI/EPS format.
  • When you re-open it, image is embedded and location of image is moved.
  • *Location of data is changed at this time.
    There are more problems has been found such as Pattern layout is changed.
    DO NOT copy and paste data which is completed the layout. Make layouts on templates.

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