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Tips for data preparation

Save-Alert of an incomplete or garbled object description

When you open data which is saved with Illustrator10, the alert “Can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbled object description” might be shown up.

In this case, the file is not saved correctly. Re-save it properly.
If the problem is not be solved, make sure your data does not have any errors then submit it with screenshots as an essential.

Important! A problem has been found such as settings are inverted and so on when you use gradation especially.

<Causes and Solutions>
●Upgrade to Illustrator10.0.3
*Please confirm present version from Illustrator itself or About Illustrator at menu [Help]
●Saving in a folder which is located in lower hierarchy.
>Save in a folder which is located in upper hierarchy.
>Shorten a file name
*Please name a file within 254 letters.

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