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Arranged images-Notes for embedding images

When embedding images, there is no worry about Dead links, but color, size, or location are changed and they lead problems.Please note following points.

※Please refer to How to embed images and What is the difference between linked and embedded.

Color setting of application and Color mode of images.

In the following case. Color (CMYK percentage) might be changed when embedding images.

  • ・Embedding RGB images into Illustrator files which are created by CMYK color mode.
  • ・Settings of color profiles are different between Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • ・When checking on check box of Postscript Color Management at option setting at EPS save.

Furthermore, Color might change drastically when [Color settings] are not proper.
Density of black such as hair etc, are converted to images that are un-sharp, especially when [Emulate Adobe Illustrator 5.5] is selected as a default.

Set Color settings of Photoshop or Illustrator properly and unify them, convert images to CMYK on Photoshop then arrange them at Illustrator as possible as you can.

Photoshop reading options

When embedding Photoshop images which include transparency, following sign is appeared [Photoshop reading option], but if selecting [Convert layers to the object] then embed it, size of image might be changed.

It is no problem with selecting [Merge multiple layers] then embed.

Selecting multiple images then embed

Size or location might be changed when selecting multiple image then embed.
Please note it that especially PSD format images that is set Clipping path with Photoshop.

Please embed images one by one.

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