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Tips for data preparation

Linked images - Dead link

Dead link is a situation that linked image files are not read on Illustrator. It is shown or printed with the images missed.

Following situation will cause Dead links.
If you meet at Dead link, please replace the proper images then save the Illustrator file.

[If you change the linked file’s name]

Illustrator refers to the file name to recognize the linked image file.
If you change the name to sort out the file for submitting data, it causes troubles of Dead links.
If you retouch the image and rename the file (for example, add ‘retouched’ in the name), please replace the image with the retouched one.

[If you change the file format (Extension)]

The extension is also recognized as a part of file name. Please keep it in mind when you swap working PSD file or JPEG file for EPS file.

[Long name, Platform Dependent Characters, Single-bite Kana characters.]

When you move the data, fonts may be corrupted and file name is not shown properly depending on PC environment.
Furthermore, even if there is no problem with file name, it might not be linkable at Illustrator.

  • ・A file name should be within 15 Japanese characters, 31 English characters or numbers.
  • ・DO NOT use Platform Dependent Character or Half-width Kana characters. Typical Platform Dependent Characters are Circled number, Roman number, or a unit.

[When changing the file's layer]

Link information is saved as absolute path. If the link file that contains folder name or folder location is changed, they will be Dead link. Linked files in the same folder as the illustrator file have priorities to be linked.

More than two images with the same name but different contents can be linked if the image files are in the different folder. However, when the data is moved between different computers for submitting the data, Dead links happen because of the location of the folders (absolute path). Even though linked images’ files must be in the same folder as the illustrator file, the images with the same names cannot be linked properly because either of them is overwritten with the other.

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