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Tips for data preparation

Grayscale-Object that cannot be converted to Grayscale

Please note that there are objects that cannot be converted by [Convert to Grayscale] on Illustrator. We strongly recommend that these objects should be made by Grayscale in advance.

Following function DOES NOT work by CS2, [Filter] > [Color] > [Convert to Grayscale].


Selecting an object which is applied pattern, [Object] > [Expand] > Convert to object one by one then [Convert to Grayscale].


Select color one by one at Gradient pallet, Convert each color to Grayscale at Color pallet.


Appearance is effects such as Drop shadow, Feather glow or Color settings for groups. [Object] > [Expand Appearance] > [Convert to Grayscale]

Following function DOES NOT work from CS3, [Edit] > [Edit Colors] > [Convert to Grayscale].

Registration Color [CS3-]

Select one by one and change the Color settings.

Registration color [C100 M100 Y100 K100] is only used for trim-marks.
If you use this Color setting with the exception of trim-marks, it causes same trouble of CMYK all 100%.
Please DO NOT use it with the exception of trim-marks.

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