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Tips for data preparation

Fonts - Letters unable to be outlined

There are fonts that cannot be outlined in the usual order [Type] menu > [Create Outlines].

Envelope Distort

If you use Envelope Distort Tool, outline the font from [Object] menu > [Envelope Distort] > [Expand], or create outlines before you use Envelope Distort Tool.
You can select [Create Outlines] if the fonts are edited from [Effect] menu > [Warp], the same function as [Envelope Distort] > [Warp].


To outline the number entered with Graph Tool, ungroup the graph from [Object] menu > [Ungroup]. Once you ungroup the graph, it cannot be edited as a graph object.


To outline the font defined as a part of a pattern, expand the pattern from [Object] menu > [Expand]. We recommend you outline the font before difining pattern.

The fonts included in the objects above might not be found from [Type] menu > [Find Font] or on the [Document Info] palette. If you submit your data without correction, the fonts are not printed properly. PLEASE be careful to use these functions.

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