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Application Guide Adobe Illustrator

Tips for data preparation

Color settings-Color settings of application

This is essential setting because it decides numeric of CMYK when converting images from RGB to CMYK.

If Color settings of each application is not unified, unintentionally, color of data might be totally different.
We are introducing here the recommended Color settings.

Color settings one by one is [Edit] > [Color settings]

Recommend Color settings.

[Settings] Japan Prepress2

Several Color settings are prepared as a preset on Illustrator or Photoshop.
[Japan Prepress2] is a preset that is integrated a profile [Japan Color 2001 Coated] which is according to print color standard [Japan Color]. Our color chart is also belonged to Japan Color.

[RGB] Adobe RGB (1998)
[CMYK] Japan Color 2001 Coated

When you convert the most dense black [R0 G0 B0] to CMYK with profile targeting on Coated paper, it becomes [C93 M88 Y89 K80] and total amount of the density is 350%. Select [Japan Color 2001 Uncoated] which is restrained at 310% when using un-dryable paper such as Matt-Coated or Uncoated paper.

Unification of the Color settings between applications ※Important※

We strongly recommend to unify the color settings of all your applications. If the color settings are different on each application, the color might change greatly even if you use the same image data.
This recommendation can be said especially in case of the embedded images.
When RGB image is embedded to the data of CMYK color, That image is converted to CMYK based on the color settings of the application you use. Please check also when your Illustrator data contains linked file which is not EPS format. If the [Include Linked files] box is checked on saving, images are embedded and convert to CMYK automatically.

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