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Illustrator Basics

Fonts and Creating Outlines

You will experience no problems with fonts that are supported in GRAPHIC's online printing services. However, use and handling of fonts differ with each designer. As a result, font-related trouble is diverse and trouble occurs during printing, unless fonts are converted to outlines beforehand.
To avoid potential font-related trouble, a function for creating outlines from letters in artwork is available in Adobe Illustrator. Choose the letters that you want to turn into outlines with the selection tool and select [Create outlines] from [Type]. This converts the letters into vector-based artwork shaped as letters. In outline form, all letters can be output without any shape deformities in environments that do not support the fonts you use in your designs.If you submit your data using fonts that are not supported at GRAPHIC without first converting them to outlines, the fonts will become completely garbled and unrecognizable. So, be sure to create outlines before you submit your data.

How to Create Outlines

First, select the font that you want to turn into an outline. Select [Create outlines] from [Type], and browse the available fonts from the font information menu on the left.


How fonts look as outlines


Screenshot from Illustrator CS2 (Macintosh).

You do not have to select fonts that you want to convert to outlines one by one. You can create outlines of all fonts in a single operation from the menu, by selecting [Select] > [All] > [Create outlines]. You do not have to select individual letters at that time. We, however, strongly recommend that you back up the original file containing the fonts in their original form before you create outlines for submission for printing. NOTE: Creation of outlines is an irreversible process. Letters cannot be edited once they have been converted to outlines!)

Pay Attention to Letters After Creating Outlines!

In Version 8 or later, fonts become gradated after they are converted to outlines.The color [Fill] setup for fonts is gradated before outlines are created but this is not apparent on screen. There are no specific ways to avoid this so make double sure after creating outlines.

Pay Attention to Envelope Distort (Adobe Illustrator10 or Later)

If you select and apply [Envelope distort] on fonts from the [Object] menu, [Create outlines] will no longer be available from [Type]. This will cause trouble later on so create outlines from fonts after applying [Envelope distort], or select an object for which [Envelope distort] is already applied and then select [Object] > [Envelope distort] > [Expand] before submitting your data.

Envelope distort
Expansion of envelope distort

Outlines Were Created But There Are Still Some Letters Left

The following is additional advice for those who thought conversion of letters to outlines was completed, but actually was not.

  • 1. Unlock all paths. ※Important
  • 2. Show hidden objects.
  • 3. Show invisible layers. (Delete unnecessary layers before submitting data.)
  • 4. Create outlines from all letters by selecting [All].
  • 5. Confirm [None] at fonts in the document information after creating the outlines.

When fonts are locked, they cannot be converted to outlines. So, before creating outlines, be sure to unlock all fonts (and layers as well).
When fonts are shown at document information in this condition, make them larger with the magnification tool in the artwork, then select the font from [Type] > [Find font]. Fonts that are still left will be displayed on screen. Points selected in this condition are called "isolated points."