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Mirror/Multi paper

*Paper color cannot be simulated in on-screen images.


The front side is called "Mirror-coated side," the strongly glossy coating surface. The other side is “Multi side,” easy to write on and stamp on.
This paper can be used for Cards printing.

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This paper is prone to cutting misalignment because this paper is more likely to become warped than other papers. Designs such as frame, objects and letters near the cutting lines are not suitable for this paper.
The mirror side is the front. Please make sure to indicate the front side.

Important point

If you are considering after processing including bookbinding, additional writing, drawing and printing by yourself after the arrival of the product(s), please test the conditions with our paper samples in advance by yourself.

What Is "kg" of Paper?

This unit "kg of paper" is used to express paper weight or density when a stack of 1000 sheets (500 sheets in the US) is weighed. In the printing industry, this is called "ream weight." Technically, ream weight is calculated as follows:
actual sheet size x basis weight / basic size
Basis weight = weight of 500 sheets (ream) cut to a standard size
Basic size = standard size of paper used for defining basis weight
In more familiar terms, this means that printed paper products that do not allow or let only a little through are called "dense" or heavy, while products that let some light through are thought of as "lightweight."
Ream weight can be considered as a rough estimate for the thickness of paper. However, with some types of paper, thickness differs because of the paper manufacturing process even though they are the same brand and of same ream weight.

Ream Weight Thickness Thickness of 500 Sheets Description Product Links
180kg 0.223 mm About 11.2 cm  
220kg 0.280 mm About 14.0 cm  

Available Paper Types

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