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Coated Paper (Thick)

*Paper color cannot be simulated in on-screen images.


Both sides of this paper type are coated. The graceful characteristics of this paper of bright whiteness and gloss create a feeling of luxury, making it ideal for extensive use in cosmetic boxes and postcards. Waste paper is not used. It is made from virgin pulp only. (Photo image is for 225 kg coated paper.)

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The 180 kg coated paper that we use is slightly thinner than actual postcards. (Postcards issued by the Post Office also are made of 180 kg, but are made of a different paper type.) The 225 kg coated paper that we use is suitable for printing and distributing postcards of art works, photos and illustrations as direct mailings for art galleries, etc. These paper types exhibit good coloring, but are unsuitable for writing on with a ballpoint pen or for sticking self-inking stamps.

What Is "kg" of Paper?

This unit "kg of paper" is used to express paper weight or density when a stack of 1000 sheets (500 sheets in the US) is weighed. In the printing industry, this is called "ream weight." Technically, ream weight is calculated as follows:
actual sheet size x basis weight / basic size
Basis weight = weight of 500 sheets (ream) cut to a standard size
Basic size = standard size of paper used for defining basis weight
In more familiar terms, this means that printed paper products that do not allow or let only a little through are called "dense" or heavy, while products that let some light through are thought of as "lightweight."
Ream weight can be considered as a rough estimate for the thickness of paper. However, with some types of paper, thickness differs because of the paper manufacturing process even though they are the same brand and of same ream weight.

Ream Weight Thickness Thickness of 500 Sheets Description Product Links
180kg 0.200 mm About 10.0 cm This paper type is slightly thinner than general postcards. It is available for card printing, but not for stamp cards.
225kg 0.254 mm About 12.7 cm This paper type is suitable for printing and distributing art works, photos and illustrations as direct mailings for art galleries, etc.
265kg 0.320 mm About 16.0 cm Quite thick paper
310kg 0.370 mm about 18.5 cm Quite thick paper.
160 kg
("atsude" coated paper)
0.148 mm about 7.4 cm  
180 kg
("atsude" coated paper)
0.172 mm about 8.6 cm

Available Paper Types

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