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Paper for Cards

The following paper types are available for cards.Back to Top Page of Card Printing

Paper Ream Weight Description Details
Coated paper 180kg / 225kg / 265kg / 310kg This is regular uncoated-based paper treated with a clay or other coating on one or both sides. This paper type is suited to offset printing because of its high ink reproducibility, density and gloss, and its ability to accept halftones. It is not available for stamp cards.
Matt-coated paper 160kg / 180kg / 220kg This is coated paper with a matte or non-shiny finish. Though it is non-glossy, areas of this paper printed with ink have a luster that is less glossy than coated paper.
Uncoated paper 180kg This paper is made from only uncoated chemical pulp and is not treated with any kind of coating. This is the most popular paper in circulation. It has high whiteness and opaqueness that prevent printed content from being visible from the reverse side.
Marshmallow paper 180kg / 220kg This is the top quality uncoated paper. Fine and snowy white surface makes your prints luxury. You can use this paper for ink-jet printing.
Mirror/Kent paper 180kg / 220kg The front side is called "mirror-coated side," the strongly glossy coating surface. The other side is “Kent side,” easy to write on and stamp on. The mirror side is the front. Please make sure to indicate the front side.

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