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Finishing Options

  • Top
  • Folding
  • Special processing
  • Surface Finishing


+1 day

Choose from Various Folding Methods

●Folding options are available for paper of around 135 kg or below.
(Paper around 73 kg or below also can be folded depending on the folding method.)
Available folding methods depend on paper size and weight.
●No increase in turnaround time for twice the charge of folding option.
If you do not want additional turnaround, please contact Customer Support before you place your order.
●Specify the folding position by folding marks.
Feel free to use our templates.
  • ※Unit price in parentheses ( )
¥1,000 (@0.6)
¥1,500 (@0.8)
¥1,500 (@0.8)
¥2,000 (@1.0)
¥2,000 (@1.0)
¥2,000 (@1.0)
¥2,000 (@1.0)
¥2,000 (@1.0)

Download Templates

[Price and Turnaround Calculation]
●Example: 3,000 flyers, 4-day turnaround + Tri fold

¥2,000 (base cost) + @0.8 x 3,000 = ¥4,400 + printing price

4-day turnaround (for printing) → Ships 5 days from order start date including additional extra 1 day for folding option (total: 5-day turnaround)


  • ※Folding options for non-standard sized paper might be unavailable depending on the paper size. Please contact Customer Support before placing your order.
  • ※It might be difficult to tell the difference between the inside and outside of your design when we check your data. Please clearly specify mountain fold and valley fold. Or, provide us with a folded sample.
  • ※Basically, we fold along the long side of paper.

Anti-crack Folding

+1 day

Anti-crack Processing

●We fold paper after first creasing it to prevent it from cracking.

Price of normal folding x 2 = Price of anti-crack processing

  • Matt-coated 135 kg paper ONLY
  • Available sizes are limited.
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