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*FAQ about Stickers

Product name(Proceed to price list) Notes
  • 1design / within 1cm2
Standard sticker papers
Uncoated paper
Art paper
Matt coated paper
Mirror coated paper
White PET
Transparent PET
  • 1design / within 2cm2
  • 1design / within 10cm2
  • 1design / within 15cm2
  • 1design / within 20cm2
  • 1design / within 25cm2
  • 1design / within 30cm2
  • 1design / within 40cm2
  • 1design / within 50cm2
  • 1design / within 80cm2
  • 1design / within 100cm2
  • 1design / within 150cm2
  • 1design / within 200cm2
  • 1design / within 250cm2
  • 1design / within 300cm2
  • 1design / within 400cm2

Full color paper sticker for various uses

A variety of materials (uncoated, art, and so on) are available. For some of them, you can choose the adhesive type.
With PP lamination, your stickers will be more beautiful and durable.

  • *If you need a larger number of copies than the maximum on the website, additional turnaround will be required.
  • *The materials are made of paper. The sheet size is up to 432 mm x 308 mm. Cutting method is kiss-cutting, to cut only adhesive layer with backing paper left.
  • *Depending on the size and the shape, we might not be able to cut as your data.

PP Lamination for stickers

Paper and a polypropylene film are laminated together.
This finishing option offers your product superior moisture resistance, and increases its durability. You can choose Gloss or Matt.

  • *IF the sticker is stuck on something to take in and out such as a cell phone, the surface is rubbed frequently and PP film can come unstuck easily.
  • *Only Available for Art paper, Mirror coated and (Transparent) PET.
Gloss PP
Gloss PP lamination for stickers is very common. Especially, this is must for novelties.
Matt PP
Matt PP lamination makes the surface less glossy and makes the texture like Satin. Best to make your sticker luxury.

Adhesive types

For temporary sticking. The spot with the sticker stuck is less damaged. Cannot be stuck again.
This type has strong adhesion on smooth surface.
Not suitable for curved or rough surface.
This type has strong adhesion on even curved or rough surface.
  • *Adhesion depends largely on the usage environment. We do not guarantee the performance for any particular use.

Tips for data creation

Supported software
  • ● Only Adobe Illustrator is acceptable.
  • ● Images can be placed. Please outline the fonts.
Price calculation
  • ● The price depends on the printing area, width x height.
  • *Example
    12 centimeters square: 12 cm x 12 cm = 144 cm2
    See the price list of “Within 150 cm2
    *Printing area is not the actual sticker size, but the size of the box the sticker fits into.
Cutting method
Example 1
Example 2
*Depending on the design, we place the stickers in a reticular pattern.

Refer to the above examples. Each sheet includes multiple stickers.
The size of the sheet and the number of stickers in each particular sheet cannot be specified by customers.
Even in a re-print, the sheet size and the number of stickers in a sheet could be different from the previous order.

The cutting path must to be unicursal.
Draw the cutting path unicursally. The starting point and the end point must adjoin. If the size of the figure on the right is W 15 cm x H 5 cm, the dimension is 75 cm2. In this case, see the price list of “Within 80 cm2”.

Multiple cutting paths
If there are 4 paths like the figure on the right, it is necessary to place 4 orders.
Tips for data creation
  • ● Make the cutting path on the different layer from the printing layout.
  • ● Cutting misalignment could occur within +/- 0.5 mm. Make bleed for the design colored to the edge. Important information such as letters or pictures must not be placed near the cutting path.
  • ● When you make cut paths, please do not use "Stylize" in "Effect" or "Filter" menu. It is applied only to appearance not to actual paths.