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iPhone Cases (Inkjet)

Make your own iPhone case ! Side Printing Available

Product name
(Proceed to price list)
Size(mm) Notes
Printing Area:60×125 ◎Case Colors
Black, White, Transparent

※If you need over 100 cases, additional turnaround will be required. Please contact our customer support center before placing an order.

Free designing. Available from One Case.

Directly print on light and durable polycarbonate cases which fit your iPhone.
You can get inexpensive, high quality, original iPhone case. Orders available from one case.

Design Samples

Choose the Best Color from Three Available Colors for Your Design.

Color print on a black case with white undercoat (option).
Color print on a white case.
Only varnish print on a transparent case.

We can print images and gradations.

Unlike offset printing, iPhone cases printing does not require plates. So we can offer you shorter turnaround and small-lot orders.

iPhone models

・Apple iPhone 5/5s/SE

Make it MORE Original with Side Printing.

You can print on sides of case. Create your original cases.

  • ※Side printing is a charged option. Check details on the price list.

Notes for side printing.

The front and sides of a case are separately printed, so misalignment could occur. This inevitable misalignment is regarded as tolerance. If the gap is a little, it could be visible depending on the design. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, printed color on corners tend to get blurred.

Click images to zoom.


We enclose your iPhone case with an OPP bag for protection.

Options for iPhone Cases


Regarding black and transparent cases, white undercoating is required for vivid print. This boosts your products' originality and print texture!

※If you print with only "White undercoat" or "Varnish," no additional charges are required.

Use our template file for
iPhone Cases.
Templates could be updated.
Please download the latest version every time
you make a new order.
Download Templates

Notes for Creating Print-Ready Data for iPhone Cases

Supported Software

●Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are only supported.
●Available up to CC. If you use texts, please outline them. You can upload data saved in RGB color mode.

Additional coating (Varnish / White undercoat)

●If you add coating options, it is required to make data of full color, white undercoating, and varnish. Please make their layers separately.

Layers for color Layer for white undercoat

An image on the left below is color print on the white undercoat. Without white, the case color is seen through and it affect the print color and the appearance (an image on the right below).

Finishing image If you do not use white undercoat...