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Inkjet Posters (Water Pigment)

Inkjet Posters (Water Pigment)

From 1 copy of large poster for indoor use

Reasonable Price, High-quality Print, and Shorter Turnaround
Best for Posters, Sign and Display for indoor use

  • Additional copies - 20% discount!
    (Order at the same time)
  • *The design should be the same.
【For Proof Print】
If you print a poster as a proof, please inform us in “Note to Graphic” in order process. In this case, when you put in the real print order, we would like you to tell us the order number of the proof in order to ensure reproducibility.
【If you need to leave trim-marks】
If you need to leave trim-marks for processing after arrival, it is required to make two trim-marks on the data, one is for our cut and the other is for after processing.
Order size should be the size of the trim-marks for our cutting process. Thank you for your understanding.
Product name
(Proceed to price list)
Size(mm) Notes
Standard size
B3 Poster A3 to 364x515 You can select three paper types below.
A2 Poster B3 to 420x594
B2 Poster A2 to 515x728
A1 Poster B2 to 594x841
B1 Poster A1 to 728x1030
A0 Poster B1 to 841x1189
B0 Poster A0 to 1130x1456
Long size
1000x2000 Poster to 1000x2000 You can select three paper types below.
1000x3000 Poster to 1000x3000
1000x4000 Poster to 1000x4000
1000x5000 Poster to 1000x5000
  1. *These templates are standard sized. The templates are not necessarily required.
    Non-standard sized order is also available.
Download Templates

Inkjet Posters:Paper Information for Water Pigment

Name Information Thickness
Gloss paper This is gloss paper peculiar to high cost-effectiveness. It is suitable for various prints such as for photograph or for illustration. 0.21mm
Semi-gloss paper This paper is semi-gloss type, but it maintains shiny finishing to some extent. It reflects the light mildly and brings graceful textures. 0.21mm
Thick matt paper Uncoated thick paper. For this characteristic, its finishing is so dull that print color is not glosser than other paper types. 0.23mm

Water Pigment Print:Options

One Side Lamination

The printed side is laminated with transparent and UV-reducing films. This option increases its durability and luxury. You can select two types, gloss or matt.