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K2 Envelopes (POD)

Suitable for unfolded A4 sized documents and catalogs.



K2 envelopes are bag-made by sealing the right-hand side when you look at it from the back. This enables us to have a broader area for printing.

Do you need original style envelopes? You can purchase from a small-lot at an inexpensive price because it is POD (Print On Demand). You can print your corporate address and logo on the specified area of the envelope. Kraft and Kent type paper, as well as, seven different colors are available. This is a simple and functional envelope available for a variety of uses.
K2 (332x240mm) is a suitable size for unfolded A4 (297x210mm) sized documents and catalogs. You can enclose business documents and catalogs.

  • For unfolded A4

    Click here to request a FREE sample kit.

    You can request the sample from the link above. We will ship a printed N3 Kent envelope.
    Please write "Request for sample envelope," and include your name, address, phone number, postal code. If you want to check other type of envelopes than Kent, please tell us exact types you need with the delivery information above.

Product Name
(Proceed to price list)
Size(mm) Notes
K2 Envelopes (POD) H332xW240mm
For unfolded A4 documents
Available Paper Types: Kraft, Kent, Colors (White, Gray, Blue, Pink, Aqua, Green, and Cream)
  1. ※Please create your design on our template file for Envelopes (for Adobe Illustrator). PDF files are not available.
  2. ※We only print on our stock of envelopes. Carry-in services are not provided.
  3. ※If you need a larger number of copies than the maximum on the website, additional turnaround will be required. Please contact our customer support center before placing an order.
Use our template file
for K2 Envelopes.
Templates could be updated.
Please download the latest version
every time you make a new order.


Printable Area

●The guided area with slash lines on the template file are not printable. Place all objects inside the specified printing space.
We print only the front of bag-made envelopes. Although the guided area is technically printable, we do not recommend this. The reason is that uneven color could appear on the sealed flap due to the difference in thickness. Refer to our template.
※Wide areas of solid color or halftones tend to be unevenly colored due to our envelope printing process.

Notes for Creating Print-Ready Data for Envelopes

  • ●Please create with CMYK color for 4C order, and K only for Bk1C order.
    ※Spot color is not available.

Select the Best Choice for Your Business at a Reasonable Price.

This product is POD (Print On Demand). A variety of paper types are available: Kraft,
Kent, Colors (White, Gray, Blue, Pink, Aqua, Green, and Cream)
*Kraft is not available for Y0 Envelopes.