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Posters are really eye-catching and stand out. That's why we're particular about printing quality.

Product name
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Size(mm) Notes
B3poster 364×515
A3 to 364×515


A2poster 420×594
B3 to 420×594
B2poster 515×728
A2 to 515×728
A1poster 594×841
B2 to 594×841
This product is 210lpi ONLY.
GRAPHIC VISION is unavailable.
  1. ※If you add on finishing options, the turnaround to finish your product will increase. Details from here.
  2. ※More than 1,000 posters may be delivered on a wooden pallet.
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A size
B size

Correct Paper Size and Type Ensure Expressive Posters

Posters can be used in a variety of ways - exhibitions, events, performance, seminars, sales, advertisement, recruitment, weddings, and so on. By paying special attention to the size and the type of paper in your original design, you can produce eye-catching posters with a difference.

High-definition printing by 280lpi is available as charged option.

High-definition printing,"GRAPHIC VISION" is available as charged option. "GRAPHIC VISION" is processed by the halftones which is 50% as dot size as 210lpi, GRAPHIC standard screen ruling. Smoother gradation, sensitive images, the fine dots print your data exquisitely.

  • ●Coated Paper 73 kg / 90 kg / 110 kg / 135 kg
  • ●Matt-coated Paper 70 kg / 90 kg / 110 kg / 135 kg
  • ●Uncoated Paper 70 kg / 90 kg / 110 kg / 135 kg
  • ●Marshmallow paper 110kg / 135kg
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