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Preparations for Submitting Your Data

The following explains the preparations for submitting your data in both the Mac and Windows work environments after your order is completed.

Get Your Order No.

Your Order No. is generated after your order is completed. It is indicated in both the order completion screen that is displayed and the Initial Order Placed e-mail that is sent to you.

Compress Your Data

Put all the necessary files (e.g. layout data and linked images) and screenshot for the data check together into a single folder, compress the folder, and assign the Order No. as the name of the folder.

  • How to Compress Data on a Mac
  • How to Compress Data in Windows
Put all data, images and screenshots into a folder

Assign the Order No. to the folder

Assign the Order No. as the name of the folder, and put all data, images, screenshots, and notes in a text file into the folder, and compress the folder. If you have any notes, enter them in Note to GRAPHIC when you place your order. To speed up the data check, be sure to submit your data using the Order No.

2.1. In Windows XP, Vista or 7, files can be compressed in zip format as standard

Files can be compressed in zip format as standard in Windows XP or Vista. To do this, right-click on the folder containing the data you are about to submit, and click Send > Compressed (ZIP format) folder. Compressing your data reduces the probability that it will be damaged when it is sent over the Internet.

2.2 Compress with “+Lhaca” except for XP or Vista user

If you are using an OS other than the above, drag-and-drop the folder you made in step “1.” above onto the data compression software above to compress the folder. +Lhaca (freeware) is used as the standard data compression software in Windows. An icon like one on the right will be created when compression of the folder is completed.

You are now ready to submit your data!