Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Payment Methods

*You can choose only one payment method for one shopping cart.

  • Cash on Delivery(at receipt of product)
  • Bank Transfer(prepayment)
  • Credit Card(prepayment)
  • Pay in Person(at receipt of product)
Credit card

Available Credit Cards VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners, Orico, CF, JACCS, Life, eLIO

Flow Up to Credit Card Transaction

  1. Choose “Credit card” as the payment method when placing your order.
    After you have placed your order, submit your data as usual.

    Form for specifying the payment method when you place an order
  2. When we have completed the data check on your submitted data, you will receive an e-mail from us asking you to make the credit card transaction. Click the URL below “Follow the procedure to pay by credit card from here”. The “Credit Card Transaction Guidance” message will be displayed. If you ordered more than one product in one shopping cart, you will receive the e-mail after the data check is completed for all the products in the cart.

    “Credit Card Transaction Guidance” message

    In the credit card transaction e-mail that we send you when the data check is completed, the URL might include an unwanted character string “amp;”. This might prevent the details of your order from being displayed normally. These four characters “amp;” are unnecessary. If the URL includes these characters, delete them and update the page.

  3. Confirm that “Your Order Details” are correct, and fill out the credit card information form.
    *Enter all of the numbers of the card number excluding hyphens.

    Credit card information form (this form might change)
  4. After filling out the form and confirming the information on the confirmation page, click “Transaction”.
    *If you cannot complete the transaction on this page, please contact the credit card company.

    Completion of credit card transaction
  5. After the credit card transaction is completed, the “Credit card transaction completed” message will be displayed on the screen. At the same time, you will receive an e-mail titled “Gr@phic credit card transaction is completed”. The transaction is now completed.


Conditions for Confirming Your Order

300,000 Yen or Less

Orders 300,000 Yen or Less
Pay by the day before the scheduled shipping date that we informed you of in the Order Confirmed e-mail.

More Than 300,000 Yen

Orders More Than 300,000 Yen
Confirmation of payment is one of the conditions for confirming your order.
  • ● After the data check is completed, we do not accept changes to the payment method, such as credit card to any other method or from any other method to credit card.
  • ● After the credit card transaction is completed, we do not accept any changes to the order.
  • ● You cannot use credit card payment for COD payment (e.g. e-collect). Only cash is accepted.
  • ● Currently, we do not accept payment by credit card when you pick up and pay for your printed product directly at a GRAPHIC office.
  • ● The payment method or the number of payments may be limited depending on the credit card. For details, contact your credit card company.
  • ● Regarding the timing of payment, GRAPHIC sends and handles the payment information collectively at the end of the month in accordance with the contract between GRAPHIC and the credit card company or credit loan agency. So, it may take time for the actual payment to be made for your order from the date of the transaction.
  • [Examples]
    April 1, transaction completed → May 15, transaction with credit card company → (payment date of your card company) June, your actual payment
  • *The monthly payment date differs according to each credit card company.