Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Payment Methods

*You can choose only one payment method for one shopping cart.

  • Cash on Delivery(at receipt of product)
  • Bank Transfer(prepayment)
  • Credit Card(prepayment)
  • Pay in Person(at receipt of product)
Bank Transfer (Price of Product, Shipping Charge and Bank Transfer Fee)

If possible, enter the payer's name in the following format:
“Transfer number” + payer's name (e.g. 10000035GRAPHIC)

Enter your transfer number before the payer's name.
The payer's name should be the orderer's name (or company name if the payer is a company). You may change the format if this will cause something to go wrong in accounting or in the bank transfer. If you do so, please let us know before you pay.

MUFG Bank, Shin-Tokyo Branch, Branch No. 147
Account numbers differ with each customer.
We will notify you of the number by e-mail when you place your order.
●The customer bears the cost of the bank transfer fee.
三菱UFJ銀行 新東京支店 支店番号147
Rakuten Bank, Rhythm Branch, Branch No. 209
Account number: Ordinary account 7005284

●The customer bears the cost of the bank transfer fee.

楽天銀行 リズム支店 支店番号209
口座番号 普通預金7005284


Conditions for Confirming Your Order

300,000 Yen or Less

Orders 300,000 Yen or Less
Pay by the day before the scheduled shipping date that we informed you of in the Order Confirmed e-mail.

More Than 300,000 Yen

Orders More Than 300,000 Yen
Confirmation of payment is one of the conditions for confirming your order.
Financial Institution Non-business Days
Basically, orders for which payment has not been confirmed on financial institution business days are not shipped on weekends and national holidays (non-business days for financial institutions). Even if you pay at an ATM on financial institution non-business days, we cannot confirm your payment outside their business days. So, please note that payment by bank transfer is “prepayment.”
If you are in a hurry, we recommend choosing cash on delivery as the payment method. By this method, you pay the delivery driver for all costs involved when you receive your printed product.
Pay Attention to the Total Amount Changing
The total amount for printing or finishing options may change by the time your order is confirmed. You must pay the balance if the total amount changes since you first placed your order.