Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

How to order?

  • Select the Product
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order Procedure
  • Complete Initial Order

Step1 Select the Product

Log in.

Enter your account ID and password to log in. The web page will jump to My Page.

  • *You must already be a registered member to use our services.

Select “Order” from the My Page menu bar.

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Select a product.

Click “Order” to display our product lines. Click the product name you want to order.

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Select the size.

Choose the size you need and click the product name.

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Choose the paper.
  • *For details of our papers, please refer to “Available Paper Types.”
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Choose the turnaround.
  • *A long turnaround keeps your printing costs lower!
Click the price where the quantity and color you need cross each other in the table.
Choose “Options” and click “Add”.
  • *Click the “Add” button to add on options. The option you selected is displayed in the yellow box.
  • *Be sure to select required options at this stage of the ordering process.

If you want to order more products having the same specifications, enter the number you want and click “Change.”

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Click “Add to Cart”.

Confirm your order and add it to the shopping cart.

Volume Discount
If you place multiple orders having the same turnaround, paper, number of colors, paper size, and the same printing resolution, we can offer you a discount based on the number of orders placed.

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