Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】


The following shows how turnaround is calculated.
The available turnaround depends on the product.

Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays are factored into the turnaround calculation.
  1. 1-day turnaround
    Ships the day following the order start date
  2. 2-day turnaround
    Ship in 2 days after the order start date
  3. 3-day turnaround
    Ships in 3 days after the order start date
  1. Up to 12-day turnaround
Notes - 1-day Turnaround
  • ●If we find any problems in your submitted data, it may take longer to accept the order and start of printing may be delayed. This means that the turnaround will be pushed back.
  • ●Finishing options increase the turnaround.
  • ●UV ink, the quick dry ink is used.
    Vegetable oil ink is used for some paper in our offset printing.
    However, the order in 1Day Turnaround will be printed by UV ink.
    UV ink is immediately hardened after printing on paper, it prevents set-off (the unwanted transfer of ink from one printed sheet to another).
    It is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free, eco-friendly ink.
  • ●Only Cash on Delivery is available as the payment method.
  • ●Call Customer Support after you have submitted your data.
All Turnarounds
  • ●When your submitted data has been checked and your order has been confirmed, the finishing date (the guaranteed maximum turnaround) will be fixed according to the turnaround.
  • ●The standard finishing time is 17:00. You can pick up your order at our store any time from here on.
  • ●Though your order can be finished earlier depending on printing progress, we cannot promise the exact day it will definitely be finished in advance.
  • ●Though we will ship your product as soon as it is ready, we cannot promise when it will definitely arrive.
  • ●For the period starting 12:00, December 29th to January 4th the next year, only placement of web orders and online submission of data are available. These seven days will not be included in the turnaround.
  • ●Finishing options increase the turnaround.