Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】


How to Submit Your Data

Prepare the Order No. and the data you want to submit to GRAPHIC. When you have finished submitting your data, wait for us to contact you. Before submitting your data, make sure that your data is print-ready.

Select How to Submit Your Data

Online Up to 3 GB

Upload files (up to 3GB) via our website
This is an easy way of submitting your data. Just choose the data on your hard disk to be uploaded and click the “Submit” button.
We recommend this data submit method for beginners since data uploads are easy to perform.
● The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 3 GB.
● Folders cannot be specified for uploading. So, all files needed for printing must be put together into the same folder and compressed into a single archive before they are uploaded.

By Post

Send us your data in removable media by post
Copy only the data needed for printing to the removable media (CD-R, DVD, MO, etc.) and send this media to GRAPHIC by post. When you post us your data, be sure to write down information, such as operating environment (Windows or Mac), Order No. and orderer's name, on the package or invoice.
Send your package to:
GRAPHIC Corporation
Online Printing Headquarters, Support Center, PIC
33 Shimotoba-higashi-serikawa-cho, Fushimi-ku,
Kyoto City JAPAN 612-8395
Tel. 050-2018-0700
We do not accept submission of any data before orders are placed.

An Order No. is needed so that you can submit your data. To get an Order No. you must first place your order. After you have got your Order No., tell us the No. by whatever method you use to submit your data.

Please understand that we do not accept data submitted via file transfer services other than our own or via your own server for reasons of security.