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User Guide

Order flow

  1. (1) Create a new account
  2. (2) Place an order
  3. (3) Data entry
  4. (4) Data check
  5. (5) Printing
  6. (6) Shipping
  7. (7) Arrival
You will receive the following e-mails:
AInitial Order Placed
BData Entry Completed
CData Check Completed
DOrder Confirmed
EShipping Completed

(1) Create a new account


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(2) Place an order

First, place your order!

Order printing online

On the Internet, you can place orders anytime you want!
We offer high-quality, speedy printing and a variety of printing options.

Volume discount More orders, more discounts!

You'll get e-mail A.
  • You'll get your order number and transfer number (if you chose bank transfer as the payment method.)

(3) Data entry

Send your print-ready data.

Prepare the data yourself.

You can submit your data 24 hours a day. Prepare your design data and screenshot, and upload them online, or submit them by removable media by post.

You'll get e-mail B.

(4) Data check

Our technical staff will check whether your data is ready for printing or not.

When data check is completed, your order is confirmed.

Basically, we will check your data within 24 hours of receiving it.

The day we receive your print-ready data and confirm that it is ready for printing is the “order start date.”

You'll get e-mail C.
  • If you chose credit card transaction as the payment method, you'll get an e-mail of the credit card transaction, too.
You'll get e-mail D.

The order start date is determined at this time.

(5) Printing

Printing and finishing

We will print your data quickly and to high quality.

(6) Shipping


Purchases of 1,000 yen or more are delivered free of charge anywhere in Japan!

You'll get e-mail E.

(7) Arrival

Your printed products can be delivered anywhere in Japan.

Your printed products will be delivered quickly to you via parcel delivery service.

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