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Bill・Delivery statementBill, Delivery Statement &
Delivery Statement/Receipt

Basically, we do not issue these documents.
You can, however, download these documents as PDF files from My Page under the following conditions.

  • *We are promoting the digitization of documents out of consideration to save resources and protect the global environment.
  • Bill
  • Delivery Statement
  • Delivery Statement/Receipt

Download Delivery Statement/Receipt (from My Page)

[Download Conditions]

  • ・Payment method --- Credit card
  • ・The credit card transaction has already been completed.
  • ・All the products in one shopping cart have already been shipped.
・The Delivery Statement is issued for one shipment of products. The price is not indicated on the invoice due to the nature of the document.
・PDF documents can be downloaded within six months of completion of shipping. You cannot download PDF documents beyond this period.
・We cannot change both the date of issue and the amount paid.
・A receipt is for only one shopping cart, and not for more than one carts together nor for each product in one cart.
・PDF documents are in Japanese only.
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