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DeliveryFree shipping charge all over Japan ※More than 1,000yen of the total.
  1. Shipping is free-of-charge for one printed product sent to one shipping address. If you want to deliver a printed product to two or more shipping addresses, notify us in advance. If this is possible, we will tell you the additional charges (an extra 1,500 yen is needed for each additional shipping address).
  2. *For orders less than 1,000 yen, you will be charged 500 yen as the shipping charge.
  3. *We might not be able to meet all of your shipping requests depending on the way your order is packaged. Contact us in advance.
  4. *You can choose delivery times before or after 12:00. However, please understand that we cannot firmly promise that your printed product will be delivered by the specified time.
  5. *You cannot choose the courier. This is decided by us.
Picking up Orders at GRAPHIC Offices

If you want to pick up your order at our Kyoto Takeda and Sai-in, Osaka Minami-mori-machi, or Tokyo Toranomon office, write this request at Note to GRAPHIC when you place your order.

  1. *We will contact you by phone or e-mail when your order is ready for picking up.
  2. *We can arrange to hand over the product on the delivery date at Kyoto Takeda and Sai-in Offices.
  3. *At Tokyo Toranomon Store and Osaka Minami-mori-machi Store, you can pick it up at the next day of shipping.
  4. *When you want to pick up at Minami-Morimachi office, notify us before the data check is finished.
  5. *When you want to pick up at our office except Minami-Morimachi, notify us by two days before the scheduled shipping date.
  6. *Pickup is available from 8:30 to 19:00 on weekdays and Saturdays.

→Access to our office

  • ●If you want to pick up your product at our office, download "Pick Up Sheet" from the following link.
    Then fill in the required details and bring it to the office when you come to us.
→Pick Up Sheet
Registering Shipping Addresses

You can register shipping addresses for your order in “My Page” in advance. Registering multiple shipping addresses in advance will be more convenient because all you need to do is to select the address to send to when you order. You can also specify division of an order and delivery to multiple destinations when you place your order. (The number of divisions that an order can be divided into is limited.) If you want to deliver one order to two or more shipping addresses, an extra 1,500 yen is needed for each additional shipping address.

  1. *We can ship one product to up to 30 addresses.
    Please note that however, some products may be refused.
Shipping Multiple Orders

Orders placed in the same shopping cart are shipped in a single consignment and charged for in a single payment. When your shopping cart holds multiple boxes, they are delivered as individual divided units.

[Separate Orders to Different Carts]
When you place orders separately in different carts, each order will be charged for and shipped separately. If you select cash on delivery as the payment method, commissions will be charged on each separate shipment at delivery.

We pack printed products using our own packaging materials in appropriate numbers as we see fit. Leaflets are banded together in batches of 1,000 sheets and packaging is not included.
If you want to divide up your order into smaller packages, contact us in advance. If this is possible, we will tell you the additional charges.

[Shipping Completed]
After we have completed and processed all shipments for the day, we will notify you of the tracking number by e-mail. If you do not receive this shipping completed e-mail on the scheduled shipment date, contact us.

	Tracking number will be ready to search after courier completes a registration process.

Format of email writing might be changed

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