Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Checkpoints Before Submitting Your Data.

We cannot complete the data check if your data fails even one of the checkpoints below. In this case, you must resubmit your data or you must give us extra instructions. This will delay turnaround, so make sure that your data is ready to print by checking against the list of checkpoints below in advance.
If we notice anything in the submitted data that may prevent it from being printed properly, we will contact you immediately. If we cannot reach you, we will have no choice but to go ahead and print your data so as to prevent inconveniencing you due to a delay in its delivery. Please note that we will not print your data if it is unprintable.

Essential Checkpoints
Is your data damaged?

Compressing your data before submitting it to us online reduces the possibility that it will be damaged when it is sent over the Internet.

Is your data made to the order size?

When you make you data in Illustrator, add trim marks.

Download Templates

Trim marks are not necessary if you are preparing your data in Photoshop. However, make your data in a document size which includes a 3 mm bleed.

Are 1-color printing sides made with grayscale?

Be careful with 1-color printing sides. Though they may look monochrome in RGB at first sight, they will be four colors when they are converted to CMYK.

  • *There will be no problems if the printing side is specified as K (black) only in CMYK.
Are all fonts outlined?

Fonts not supported by GRAPHIC must be outlined.

Have you properly instructed the front and back for finishing options?

When you add on folding options, you must instruct the front side of your printed product, and folding width and direction. Your order will be processed more smoothly if you instruct the folding width and direction referenced to the trim marks. If your submitted data does not include instructions as to the front and back of your printed product, folding will be performed according to GRAPHIC pagination rules.
We recommend using our free templates since the folding method you instruct sometimes cannot be accommodated depending on the folding width.

Download Templates

Is your data made in CMYK?

We perform “process printing” or print color reproductions of your data using halftone plates for each of the colors CMYK. So, if your data is made in RGB, it will be converted to CMYK for printing.

  1. CMYK Conversion● RGB is converted to CMYK in accordance with profiles based on GRAPHIC printing standards. With CMYK conversion, we do not match the color of your submitted data to screenshots or printouts made on your printer or to color charts. Moreover, conversion results are not always the same because our printing system is technically updated on an on-going basis. This also means that colors cannot be reproduced the same at reprinting.
  2. ● Black that is specified in RGB is changed to a 4-color mixture of black when it is converted to CMYK. When black specified in RGB is used for text or as the background for text with a white outline, text might become illegible due to plate misalignment or registration problems.

We refer to the screenshots your provide us when we check your submitted data. However, we do not check the screenshots in detail and proofread text. Screenshots are used only for checking appearance such as text and image defects.

Data Submitted for Printing
●Print-ready Data

“Print-ready data” refers to the final data that does not need any corrections and that is ready for actual printing.

●Checkpoints for Submission of Your Data

Careless oversights sometimes result in unusable printed products. To prevent problems such as this, GRAPHIC checks the data you submit in advance before allowing it to be sent to the actual printing process. Data must be in-line with the data check criteria or Essential Checkpoints list above. So, details in design such as typos or design errors are not included in GRAPHIC's data check. Trouble arising from defective content in your submitted data are the customer's responsibility. If we find problems in the data check, we will contact you immediately, and you must correct and re-submit your data. Re-submission of data will adversely affect the printing and delivery schedule, so be sure to check your data carefully before submitting it.

*If you want us to make the necessary corrections, we can do so for an additional charge. This will also necessitate confirmation after we correct your data and increase the turnaround. For details, ask your person in charge.