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Cancelling / Changing Orders

Changing Your Order


Changes to Orders Can Be Made Up to Completion of the Data Check
You can change your order up to completion of the data check. Be sure to check your order information before you submit your data. If you have any changes to make, phone or e-mail us immediately. If you have not received the initial order placed e-mail, your order might be in error. In this case, phone or e-mail us at the Customer Support Center.

Cancelling Your Order

Cancellation of Orders Up to Submission of Data Is Free-of-charge
You are not charged if you cancel your order up to submission of data. You will, however, be charged for costs if you cancel your order after the data check is completed. If your order has been confirmed, the printing plate is ready and printing has begun, you will be charged the full amount excluding the cost of finishing options if they have not been performed.
  • [Cancelling / Changing Orders] Detailed descriptions of when and how you can cancel or change your order